Varga Beemster Truck

Collective transport of ornamental plants

Varga en Beemster Transport BV is specialised in the collective transport of ornamental plants. By distinguishing ourselves through service, quality and reliability, this branch of our company has seen enormous growth in recent years. All of our drivers are familiar and experienced with your products, so that with us, they're always in good hands.

Varga en Beemster Transport is the only carrier that can supply every auction during the daytime, every day. This is ideal for growers, because it means they can have the day’s supply delivered on time at any desired auction.

Also, we deliver all goods directly to exporters, without any intervention on the part of the auction. This not only saves you a lot of time and money, but also limits the risks of damage and loss (fewer manoeuvres).

We drive from and to all the flower auctions in the Netherlands for a great number of nursery gardens and garden centres. Our (daily) destinations also include the Meuse-Rhine and Herongen auctions in Germany.

Box deliveries
Every night preceding an auction, we drive to every destination at each auction. Evening box deliveries to exporters are also among the possibilities.

Varga Beemster Truck